Our story

The forest where both the Forest Service and the WRBU were conceived.

In 2012, the U.S. Forest Service reported to the South Gifford Pinchot Collaborative Group that the Gifford Pinchot National Forest was full of biomass that was regularly being piled and burned rather than put to use as a source of renewable energy and jobs. The idea for Wind River Biomass Utility was born from that meeting as the four Charter Members decided to incorporate the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) concept to maximize the use of this forest waste.

The WRBU still needed heat and energy clients, however, and a feasibility study proved that greenhouses were a perfect first client for the CHP.

In 2018, a young and ambitious farmer was looking for a greenhouse site in Carson, about 10 minutes down the road from the WRBU location. The WRBU invited her to come aboard and develop a greenhouse business plan. She pulled in the most talented people she could think of to join forces. Gorge Greens was born.

Having spent the fall and winter of 2019 building out, the seeds for Gorge Greens’ first harvest were planted March 1st, 2020. The first microgreens harvest occurred two weeks later as the COVID pandemic put the world on lockdown. Every new business faces challenges, and Gorge Greens has persevered regardless. You can now find these delicious and super nutritious greens year-round in many places and even through home delivery!

Meet the Original Founders

Bringing decades of experience in forestry, engineering, renewable energy, the forest products industry, and community development to the table –

Paul Spencer
Managing Member
Retired Engineer & B.A. Mathematics – U of Texas ’70; Materials Science graduate study in mid-1980s.

Bob Sourek
Forester. Founder and President of Bear Mt. Forest Products; Board and founding member of Biomass Thermal Energy Council; Member Pellet Fuels Institute. Pilot, golfer, outdoor enthusiast.

Tom Linde
Retired US Forest Service (Recreation, Silviculture). Degree in Horticulture, Clark College, 1972. GPNF stand management; Federal Forest Enforcement Officer.

Norman Ward
Retired Professional Land Surveyor; 32 years with US Forest Service. BS in Physical Education with Minor in Land Survey, Univ. of New Hampshire, 1976.

Meet the Farm Founders

Elona Trogub, Co-founder of Gorge Greens
Organic Farmer, Chef, Educator, Community Herbalist, Facilitator. Graduated from Kendall College in Chicago in Culinary Management and Portland State University with a focus on Systems Science and Conflict Resolution. She’s excited to develop Gorge Greens into a powerhouse of healthy, fresh and delicious foods.

Ryan Crist, Co-founder of Gorge Greens
Organic Farmer, Biochemist, Mechanical Engineer, Aquaponic System Designer and Consultant, Educator and Ski Enthusiast. Graduated from University of Minnesota in Biochemistry and Portland State University in Mechanical Engineering. Ryan’s looking forward to growing the aquaponics industry with innovation and sustainable methods.

Micheal Hanna, Co-founder of Gorge Greens
Michael Hanna has worked with data and software for 25 years, specializing in databases, data warehouses, data analytics, application and data integration, networking, and web applications. Michael has a passion for healing with plants and has experience with FDA dietary supplements. He is excited to apply these skills to the realms of indoor agriculture and manufacturing.