At Wind River Circular Systems, our products consist of microgreens, firewood, wood chips, and biochar. Our microgreens are branded Gorge Greens and can be found in grocery stores and used in restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Our firewood is produced in cordwood and bundles, and the wood chips are produced from remaining wood biomass after grading out the firewood. Once any remaining woody biomass is remaining, it would go through our combined heat and power system to produce heat and electricity, leaving the remains as biochar. A circular system that utilizes every last component for the ultimate in environmental efficiencies.


We grow Oregon Tilth-certified organic microgreens year-round in our hoop house that demonstrates some of the technology we plan on using for our future, larger Dutch-style greenhouse complex. Microgreens are a superfood loaded with up to 40X the nutrient density of their adult vegetable counterpart. They make for a ridiculously convenient way to get your veggies by just adding a handful to your next meal. At this time, we’re available throughout the Portland, Vancouver and Columbia Gorge through a variety of vendors including the Gorge Farmers Collective (an online farmers market), the Hood River Organic CSA, New Seasons, People’s Co-op, Food Front, Chuck’s, Rosauers, Treebird Family Market, Farmstand, and many more. We’re also on the menu at some fantastic eateries, like Tabor Bread, Thunder Island Brewing, Henni’s, Wicked Burgers & Sushi, and more!

Visit our Gorge Greens website.


One of the first steps we take when recycling our wood resources is to grade out the quality wood that does remain and process it for firewood. This product can then go back into heating homes and other uses that provide a direct benefit to those needing firewood in our communities. We offer a variety of species of firewood depending on what is being processed and when. Most common is Douglas Fir, which is one of the best burning and heating wood species available in the Pacific Northwest. Douglas Fir accounts for the majority of our available firewood and can be found in our “Mixed Fir” bundles and cordwood. However, we also have occasional Hemlock and Pine, as well as some hardwoods such as Maple, Alder and Oak wood available too. Please continue below for the latest in products and pricing, or call us at 509-987-5727.


After we have graded out any salvageable firewood from our wood resources, we then can chip the product to offer wood chips. Wood chips can be used for numerous commercial purposes such as heating fuel for biomass boilers, ovens, and other burning appliances for producing heat and or flavor characteristics. The wood chips can also be utilized in our combined heat and power system in order to produce heat and electricity for production of our microgreens and other foods. The wood chips serve as an intermediate step in order to ensure 100% use of our woody biomass.


Once any wood chips or other woody biomass enters our combined heat and power system, it combusts to a point to extract the heat and leaves a resulting charred product called biochar. Biochar is a fascinating product that is quickly becoming useful in a variety of ways, including farming, water filtration, water retention, and many others. Visit our biochar page for more in-depth details on what biochar is and how it can be used in everyday life.